Monthly Archives: October 2012

The uncharted territory of text message-based digital forensics

Digital forensics has in many ways moved to the forefront of legal discussions in recent years, as more businesses continue to experience eDiscovery proceedings. Preparation is key in this process, as failure to have a strong contingency plan in place when a court requests disclosure of digitally stored information can lead to much higher costs, […]


Why deceit pays for some in electronic litigation proceedings

When it comes to technology assisted review, lawyers and litigation services professionals have a growing bank of precedent to work with and follow. Though the concept and industry is still relatively new, major cases over the past several years have revealed some solid best practices, as well as multiple indications of what is simply not […]

Difficulties of eDiscovery during international data transfers

International data transfers are incredibly complex processes, as users will need to navigate regulations in each of the countries, international laws and battle against language barriers. As national and international officials continue to roll out new legislation in an effort to standardize and secure the transfer of data, businesses must look past the ordinary to […]


The social media eDiscovery conundrum

Social media has played an increasingly important role in both the consumer marketplace and the enterprise landscape, likely the result of the ability to connect with businesses and prospective clients for relatively no cost. However, social media has also been at the center of many eDiscovery discussions, as recent court proceedings have illustrated the need […]


Where the cloud and eDiscovery meet

In today’s data-driven world, many enterprise executives have struggled to adapt their systems  and strategies to the constantly evolving demands of regulatory compliance and industry-specific best practices. These issues are further exacerbated by the advent of eDiscovery, as no unprepared business is ever entirely safe from the potential of electronic litigation proceedings. Many corporate executives […]


Where ECA meets Relativity in eDiscovery

Though the legal world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, trending toward more digitally based litigation proceedings, the statutes that have been in place for decades related to early case assessment (ECA) and discovery still must be followed. This poses several challenges when conducting eDiscovery searches and retrievals, and service providers continue to refine […]