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Commentary on the Casey Anthony Computer Forensic Examination Oversight

By Jason Glass:  High-profile legal cases that capture the attention of the United States often bring to light just how difficult trials can be – and how complex. While even the most sensitive cases involving murder and other horrible events rapidly garner a side-show like treatment by the mass media, those in the legal field […]

Do you have your kid’s pediatrician fix the carburetor on your 1975 AMC Gremlin?

Do you have your kid’s pediatrician fix the carburetor on your 1975 AMC Gremlin?  God no!  Same rings true for having your outside law firm collect and process data from your company’s Oracle cluster, Linux fileservers, Subversion repository or Domino server.  Technology has moved at a breathtaking speed in recent years, especially with the advent of […]

Information governance lessons learned from the Patraeus scandal

With the election over and the dust settling from Hurricane Sandy, General David Petraeus, the now-former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, has been the hottest topic in the news. After being exposed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a scandalous affair with his own biographer, the long-time military man was forced to step […]

Information governance in the age of BYOD

The consumerization of IT has served many chief information officers (CIOs) and other corporate decision-makers with a variety of challenges, as any new technology entering the enterprise will. However, while IT departments and CIOs would traditionally have a direct say in the devices used to carry out business operations, the bring your own device (BYOD) […]

Strong endorsement of predictive coding from Chancery Court

Predictive coding has become increasingly commonplace in electronic litigation proceedings. Many have worried that the technology is simply an unnecessary add-on to an already complex eDiscovery landscape, and that it will only create false positives. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as predictive coding software has been refined almost perpetually since its inception. With […]

Why internal litigation support does not work

As more electronic litigation proceedings continue to hit the news, many firms are choosing to try and establish their support teams internally. Some employers look to legal, others to IT departments and still more to both for their eDiscovery litigation support needs. However, this puts businesses in truly precarious positions, as the knowledge level, attentiveness […]

Frenemies abound: Social Media in the age of eDiscovery

Proponents of Social Media platforms herald its incredulous nature and unprecedented ability to connect people from afar, allow people to constantly update their friends and family members regarding everything they do or think, and document the world at large in an easy-to-digest manner. However, many of the more important conversations never make it out of […]

Why arguing about voter fraud is a waste of time

Voter fraud has been at the tips of many tongues for several months leading up to the 2012 election, with almost a perfect split between Republicans and Democrats opposing one another. While the potential crime has been dispelled as myth by many completely ridiculous to generally strong studies, many fears persist among some groups associated […]

Voter fraud a concern, but which method are criminals intending to use?

As Election Day rapidly approaches, many discussions throughout the last several months have surrounded voter fraud.  And this Tuesday corporations like HAYSTACK Information Discovery with their team of forensic examiners will be on high alert. Though many experts argue that the potential of voter fraud is rare, the government is being proactive in deterring the issue and […]

Is this an invoice, or Ridley Scott’s Christmas List?

Since the advent of eDiscovery technology, the industry has skipped the fledgling Plymouth Rock stages and rapidly propelled toward the Wild West.  Many organizations that have had to go through electronic discovery proceedings have experienced the massive costs associated, largely because of lack of experience with eDiscovery matters and the inability to properly leverage the […]