Monthly Archives: February 2013

New settlement analytics software released

As the eDiscovery industry continues to heat up, new software proliferation has also intensified in recent years, with some of the more advanced analytics tools just hitting the market now. As necessity is the mother of invention, and smaller software developers are becoming more capable of creating best-in-class products, companies have a wide variety of […]

How the cloud and mobile device effect IT management

More and more businesses are launching mobility strategies every day, and some reports indicate that this trend will only intensify, as the consumerization of IT continues to heat up. Bring your own device (BYOD) has been among the most popular styles of enterprise mobility, largely because of the rapidly rising adoption rates of smartphones and […]

Larger law firms running out of real estate

The economic recession led to an increased need for businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry to refine practices and create more sustainable operations. As a result, many enterprises are turning to managed services for more streamlined approaches to a variety of critical corporate functions, including data archiving, storage and management. Law firms […]