Monthly Archives: March 2013

RIOT (Rapid Information Overlay Technology) causing a Riot; Big Data going to extreme

New advancements in technology have led to a variety of privacy and security concerns from many advocacy groups and the general population. As a result, lawmakers have rolled out more complex and stringent regulatory compliance statutes and have increased enforcement efforts to deter major breaches of personal and corporate privacy. However, in recent years, lawmakers […]

Skills gap in data security might leave companies at risk

Data security has been among the most pressing issues facing enterprises and public sector entities in recent years, as hackers continue to breach security systems and protocols with greater accuracy every year. Somewhat more pressing is a shortage of talent in the information risk profession.  Corporations are finding it more and more difficult to fill […]

New email might unmask the Smooth Criminal in Jackson wrongful death lawsuit

Digital forensics and other eDiscovery components have been the focal points of a variety of high-profile, national legal proceedings in recent months, including the Casey Anthony trial and the investigation of Michael Jackson’s untimely death. For example, when a Google search for ways to suffocate a child was released months after the conclusion of the […]

Prostitution Rings, Digital Forensics and Zumba Meet in Kennebunk…This is not The Onion

While eDiscovery tools have evolved in such a way that allows investigators, prosecutors and others in the legal field to search through the entirety of digitally stored files of opponents, it still isn’t that simple. Though the technology is new and exciting, due diligence is crucial from the outset of a discovery proceeding, as improper […]