Monthly Archives: June 2013

What eDiscovery lessons can be learned from the NSA controversy?

Alright so, by now, you’ve likely heard literally hours’ worth of discussions related to the National Security Agency’s surveillance program. And while there is no doubt that the opinions all seem to be united, yes, even those of Fox News and CBS – that’s right, I said it – there are some lessons to be […]

HAYSTACKID Makes a Splash at CEIC 2013

Guidance Software, Inc.’s annual CEIC conference recently took place in Orlando, Florida, which gathered some of the biggest names and minds in the electronic discovery and litigation services industries. The event was a hit, as Guidance Software, which holds CEIC each year, estimates that 44 countries were represented by roughly 1,500 registered attendees. Haystack Information […]

What’s the Frequency Kenneth? eDiscovery could cover audio files

Just when you thought you were starting to get a good handle on all things eDiscovery, it’s time to throw another curveball your way. Though requests for electronically stored information will most often be made for data in documents and digital files, there is a chance that the proceeding could involve audio files. Though it […]