HAYSTACKID Makes a Splash at CEIC 2013

ceicGuidance Software, Inc.’s annual CEIC conference recently took place in Orlando, Florida, which gathered some of the biggest names and minds in the electronic discovery and litigation services industries. The event was a hit, as Guidance Software, which holds CEIC each year, estimates that 44 countries were represented by roughly 1,500 registered attendees. Haystack Information Discovery (HAYSTACKID) organized and led one of the more talked-about panels at the conference, as the firm continues to become a bigger thought leader in the field.

Want to be like Mike? Focus on teamwork

Anyone who loves basketball will remember that Michael Jordan entered the league with a bang, and was quickly cemented as one of the National Basketball Association’s best players. However, it wasn’t until Jordan learned to pass the ball and trust his teammates that he became the true legend, and six-time NBA champion, he is today.

In much the same way, teamwork has become the emphasis of many litigation service providers when managing an eDiscovery proceeding. HAYSTACKID ran the discussion panel titled “E-Discovery Collaboration – The Interplay Between IT, In-House and Outside Counsel” at CEIC to explain how communication and group thinking play into a successful eDiscovery project.

HAYSTACKID gathered some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry for its panel, including KAYAK’s Deputy General Counsel Benjamin Berman, Liberty Mutual’s Glenn O’Brien, and Greenberg Traurig Shareholder David Thomas, Esq. The group discussed the rapidly evolving relationships between IT personnel, in-house counsel, and outsourcing firms as they relate to eDiscovery proceedings.

Law Technology News explained that Thomas offered a counsel’s perspective on the collection, culling and processing of data. He stressed the importance of not engaging in self-collection unless the tools necessary to accomplish the task are on-hand, and the in-house counsel is comfortable with the technology. Law Technology News added that Benjamin Berman from KAYAK explained how technology has shifted the responsibilities of various roles, such as in-house counsel becoming the general manager during litigation proceedings.

Reason to be proud

HAYSTACKID accomplished its goal of informing all of those in attendance of the rapidly shifting relationships between the various internal and outsourced professionals during eDiscovery proceedings, and how to best manage the associated communications.

“HAYSTACKID’s panel of experts was assembled because of the unique expertise each brings to the table,” Jefferey T. Stevens, Chief Technology Officer of HAYSTACKID who was also at the event, explained from the firm’s New York City office. “We hope and trust that all in attendance gleaned critical knowledge from the discussion, and look forward to attending the next CEIC conference.”

The panel discussion has been reviewed in various publications, and HAYSTACKID remains committed to educating legal, IT, outsourcing and corporate professionals in the best practices of eDiscovery readiness, management and optimization, all the while offering the most effective services to its clients.

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