Monthly Archives: August 2013

ITC and eDiscovery: Are you prepared?

There is the Rocket Docket and then there is International Trade Commission (ITC) cases.  When it comes to discovery and  the ITC you better fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy night.  If you thought that regular eDiscovery proceedings are impossible to navigate? You haven’t really seen anything until you’ve experienced such litigation […]

How high do eDiscovery costs need to be to start asking questions?

Sometimes the Internet just makes it too easy to be outraged, and this is especially true when you are a technology geek working in an emerging market. Sure, novel technology comes with its mis-perceptions, its drawbacks, its mysteries and what have you, but sometimes it is simply impossible to comprehend what people are thinking. In […]

HAYSTACKID helps forge way for ACEDS New England Chapter

The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), an international membership organizations for legal, technology, records management and litigation support professionals in the public and private sectors, has announced that it will be opening a new chapter in the New England area. How ACEDS helps; ACEDS has set forth on a mission to help professionals in […]