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Patenting Nature: The Next Generation in Patent Trolling……Up Next Patenting Air

My kids love the movie “The Lorax.”  My personal favorite character in the movie is Aloysius O’Hare who formed a company for bottled air, called O’Hare Air.  It exploits the environmental collapse by selling bottled air to the people of Thneedville, a city full of bad oxygen. Entering the Real Life Thneedville;  Patenting Seeds & […]

Netflix Protecting Data over Devices; BYOD and eDiscovery

Make no mistake about it I’m a huge fan of Netflix.  Can you say “Season Two of Homeland” woot woot!! With that, Netflix caught my attention the other day in a recent article by which reported that Netflix, the game-changing television and movie streaming service provider, has taken an outside-the-box angle on BYOD management. […]

Big data, automation doesn’t mean Margaritaville for all

It comes as no surprise that some of the more naturalistic humans are increasingly concerned about the future of their species, as new technology continues to replace the need for simple thought and responsibilities. But, wait, that’s not really true at all. Instead, it might be more of a selling point for manufacturers and software […]