Monthly Archives: October 2013

Fear the Beard – Best Cease and Desist Demand Letter Ever Written

You’re likely saying to yourself, “oh this is going to be one of those irrelevant blogs that kind of just takes a pop culture reference and then doesn’t mention anything about eDiscovery or other information management matter.” Well, think again, because something so strange has occurred that begs the question of what arms of reality […]

Walls of privacy continue to recede

The double-edged sword of the digital revolution continues to slash away at privacy, though many would argue the fight is truly being carried out in the name of transparency and ethics. Just remember, anything you say or do no matter where you say or do it can and will be used against you in a […]

Will hostages become popular in eDiscovery?

In a shocking turn of events, that would likely not exactly shock more seasoned veterans of the industry, an eDiscovery firm actually took a hostage. Professionals in the eDiscovery market, as well as those operating in the corporate sector who have become more accustomed to the demands and intricacies of the associated processes, should know […]

Chameleon-like agility prevailing in legal, corporate competition

The digital era of corporate and legal operations has certainly led to major shifts in the way communications flow from each arm of a business, as well as between counsels. Between the ever-growing and already massive volume of electronically stored information (ESI) and the dramatic transformation of the legal sector, companies need to be more […]

Government Shutdown for Dummies: A Legal Perspective

What will happen to the U.S. federal courts during the Government shutdown? We’ve all been hearing about this for months now: If folks in Washington, D.C., can’t begin to work together, agree on things (especially budget) and generally play nice, the government will put itself into timeout and with no end in sight. While there […]