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The Obligatory “Top 5” Blog Posts of 2013

What would a New Year be without some sort of obligatory “top something list”?  Here at Information Discovery Digest we are going to provide you; our valued readers, a look at the Top 5 blog posts by readership (not personal opinion) for the year 2013 and a shameless pat on the back to all of […]

Happy Holidays from HAYSTACKID

Wishing all of our clients, co-workers and friends peace and joy this holiday season. BTW- This was our runner up Holiday Card.  My first choice.  

Could this be privilege? ELF AND Shelf OR El* OR Shel* AND SANTA BUT NOT CLAUS

A big question being tossed around this holiday season in the eDiscovery community and by Boolean search fanatics everywhere is whether or not search terms should be worthy of a courts protection?  A New York Law Journal article, called No Disclosure: Why Search Terms are Worthy of Courts Protection seems to have kicked off the debate. […]

Newsroom Hype or Hyperbole? Cyber-security issues with Obamacare Website

Will McAvoy of HBO’s Newsroom acclaim summed it up like this in one episode; “(We) miscalled election results, hyped up terror scares, ginned up controversy, and failed to report on tectonic shifts in our country….We took a dive for the ratings.”  The latest buzz and controversy over the Obamacare website now raises the question whether […]