Monthly Archives: February 2014

Trials and Tribulations of Cell Phone Data Collections

Electronic discovery has been moving quickly well beyond the cyber walls of email and file-share environments and now into social media and mobile device data collections.  Records managers already know that a record is a record regardless of format or medium and as company business is being conducted on mobile devices more and more courts […]

Twizzle Time; Top Threats Keeping General Counsel Up at Night

The elusive twizzle; I am sure that this synchronized figure skating ice dance move which can be performed both forward and backward, on both inside and outside edges, and both clockwise and counterclockwise has been keeping synchronized figure skaters up at night at this year’s Sochi Olympic Games. Keeping General Counsel up at night these […]

Tangled Tongues and Translated Text: How do I make sure my document review platform and my reviewers speak the same language?

You’re about to receive a production from the opposing side, and they have offices at non-English-speaking locations – or maybe you’re about to try to review the internal correspondence of your company or client’s company.  What can be done about it?  Who do you turn to? The first thing you may ask yourself is whether […]

Concept Analytics versus Near Duplicate Indexing and Some Suggested Uses

It is not unusual for clients and even representatives of vendors to confuse concept similarity with near duplicate detection technology, but they are distinctly different and support different review goals. Content Analytics (implemented in kCura’s Relativity using Content Analyst) creates a multi-dimensional web of relationships among words and between words and documents.  It calculates a similar […]