HAYSTACKID Ice Bucket Challenge

So my 9 year old nephew nominated me for the Ice Bucket challenge and as luck would have it I nominated the entire staff of HAYSTACKID.  Below is a compilation of some MUST SEE  videos of a few of our staff.  The winner received a hefty cash reward for Best Video.  In addition, for every ice bucket challenge accepted by a HAYSTACK employee, as a company we made a donation to the Peter Frates  Fund http://www.petefrates.com/.    For those who do not know, Peter Frates is a 29 year old former Division 1 college athlete and former Captain of Boston College Baseball team who was recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Since Peter’s diagnosis, while courageously battling the progression of this horrific disease, he has made it his mission to spread awareness about this often misunderstood and presently incurable disease. Peter Frates continues to inspire many with his positive outlook, determination and unwavering spirit. Here is a link to allow you to make a contribution to “The Pete Frates #3 Fund” which helps with Pete’s medical care and expenses in addition to supporting him as he and his “Team Frate Train” carry on his mission of finding a treatment and cure for ALS.

I hope you enjoy our videos and want to thank all of the HAYSTACK staff who participated for a great cause.

Jason Glass, VP Client Services- (The Ice Bucket Challenger)

Scott Parker, Sr. Document Production Manager (Winner of Best Video) spoof of “Your Business Card is Crap!”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YBxeDN4tbk

Kevin Glass, CEO (Runner up Best Video, Winner of Best Cinematography)

Chris Ganger, Project Manager

Alex Wall Esq., VP of Client Solutions

Mark Landers, Project Manager -(my personal favorite)

Nicole Goddard, COO

Jeff Stevens, CTO

Alex Gessen, National Director of Forensics

Chris Hardy, Sr. Project Manager and Amy Arzoomania, Executive Assistant

Mark Gillespie, Project Manager

scott ice

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