Honoring Vinny Gambini on National Be Kind To Lawyers Day


In honor of National Be Kind To Lawyers Day, we wanted to pay tribute to our favorite (fictional) attorney of all time.

Perhaps the most professional, eloquent, and elegant of all fictional attorneys, Vinny Gambini, played by Joe Pesci, took Alabama by storm with his pseudo-paralegal Mona Lisa Vito, played by Marisa Tomei, in My Cousin Vinny.

The entire film is a masterpiece, but when Ms. Vito and Vinny use ‘positraction’ and independent rear suspension to upend the prosecution’s case, it’s pretty difficult to not swoon. That also might have been the 1992 rural equivalent of a winning eDiscovery moment in modern times.

Plenty of the other moments in that trial are relatable today. Here are a few of our favorites…

Having communication issues with the judge:


Not being able to sleep the night before a big day in court:


Getting guidance from an overzealous paralegal:


Dealing with overly confident opposing counsel:


Not having time to deal with the trial’s local audience:


Having a little fun with witnesses:


Failing to blend into a very different trial environment: 


And that feeling when you know you have the victory signed, sealed, and delivered:


For these reasons and many more, we honor Vinny Gambini today – as well as, of course, all real-world attorneys. Happy National Be Kind To Lawyers Day!

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