About Haystack Information Discovery (“HAYSTACKID”)

HAYSTACKID is an international end-to-end eDiscovery and forensics services provider. Our consultation and best-in-breed, technology-driven solutions help law firms and corporations vastly improve legal hold, data collection and eDiscovery workflow. HAYSTACKID’s goal is to collaboratively lower overall spend and minimize risk while driving efficiency.

The landscape is constantly evolving alongside technological innovation, leading to the persistent proliferation of novel challenges and increased risk of insurmountable litigation costs. HAYSTACKID streamlines matters to lower risk and costs, treating every client as a partner.

Our Vision

Corporations must proactively engage in the electronic discovery and managed review process, going over expenditures with a fine-toothed comb. Subject matter expertise is vital to identify areas in need of improvement. The costs of eDiscovery processing and billable hour expenses are on the rise – a strategic partner to help mitigate risk and reduce expenditures through the information discovery lifecycle is invaluable. HAYSTACKID is that partner.

HAYSTACKID maintains technology neutrality to ensure that clients are using the best options possible in accordance with their unique needs. We customize strategies to maximize the efficiency of search, collection, preservation, analysis and review of electronic information.

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