Jason Glass

Jason Glass is Vice President at HAYSTACKID, where he is dedicated to supporting and consulting our corporate clientele.

Prior to HAYSTACKID, Jason was Vice President of Business Development for The Association of Work Process Improvement (“TAWPI”), a global document management association. In his role at TAWPI, he provided document management process improvement strategies for Fortune 500 corporations. He led TAWPI’s market research initiatives, and became a reliable subject matter expert in complex document management.

Jason also worked in a high-level litigation support capacity at Chicago-based international business law firm Sidley Austin. In addition to his on-site litigation support duties at Sidley, he worked in a sales and business development role for a global litigation support service provider, working on high-profile cases with top 100 law firms in the country.

Kevin Glass

Kevin Glass is HAYSTACKID’s President, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.

Kevin is a 20-year veteran of the litigation support industry and began his career with Bowne & Company, an institution with a rich corporate history that began in 1775. As the company’s first-round hire upon entering the business outsourcing arena, he grew that new enterprise concept from the ground up into a multi-million dollar, well-respected division.

He also served as the National Director of Sales and Operations, for a billion-dollar international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) concern. He was charged with saving a doomed division that was losing millions of dollars annually from closure. He ultimately turned it into a highly profitable success.

Before launching HAYSTACKID, Kevin enjoyed an outstanding track record in his entrepreneurial endeavors. He has experience working in the fast-paced litigation support markets of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, DC, and various other litigation hubs. He continues this legacy with HAYSTACKID.

Kevin prides himself in identifying and vetting the technologies that have real-world, cost-saving applications for law firms compared to how they currently handle data.

Jefferey Stevens

Jefferey Stevens is HAYSTACKID’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder.

Jeff has worked in the litigation support marketplace extensively on both the vendor side and directly at law firms. He has a keen understanding of the litigation lifecycle and the technology that supports corporations and case teams. Jeff has had the opportunity to work within litigation departments in many high-level technology capacities.

He has successfully overseen massive discovery endeavors and eDiscovery processing projects throughout his tenure. Jeff has a comprehensive working knowledge of proven eDiscovery technologies as well as a finger on the pulse of emerging innovations.

He has worked extensively with forensics professionals, attorneys, corporate counsel, and support staff on case strategy and cost containment, as well as co-counsel and opposing counsel regarding discovery and production issues.

Jeff’s background is truly unique in this industry. A Northeastern University graduate, he is a true technologist trained in computer science, and has a deep background in legal matters. Along with his work at law firms prior to HAYSTACKID, he served as the division lead of a billion-dollar litigation support services organization. Jeff is an accomplished and successful entrepreneur, and continues this at HAYSTACKID.

Jeremy van der Heiden

Jeremy van der Heiden is the Director of Public Relations at HAYSTACKID.

A Northeastern University graduate who holds a degree in English, his background is rooted in literature and philosophy. He began his career as a journalist for hire, handling assignments that ranged from political analysis to social justice and regulatory reform.

Since then, Jeremy has been rooted in the digital marketing and branding arenas, completing work for businesses of all sizes, assisting in strategic overhauls, and more. His strong foundation of linguistics, rhetoric, and literature serves as a driver for his unique approaches to public relations, branding, and advertising.

Prior to starting at HAYSTACKID, Jeremy was a senior writer for a highly successful marketing agency, where he was consistently tapped for high-level projects and more complex clientele. At one time, he built the department that trained and developed all new writers and supported teams across the business.


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