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HAYSTACKID Project Manager Spotlight: Vinh Huynh – Pt. 2

In the first segment of this two-part Project Manager Spotlight, HAYSTACKID’s Vinh Huynh discussed his past as a student and professional, as well as how he arrived at his current position. Now, he takes us through some of the technological trends he is watching blossom, as well as what it’s like to be a Project […]

Predictive Coding; Confusion among Seed Sets, Random-Statistical Sampling and Training

By Jason Glass & Alex Wall Esq. We read a blog the other day written by a senior level exec from a predictive coding service provider regarding the latest (mis)information circulating in the industry.  Specifically the focus of the blog was on predictive coding and statistically significant random sampling in order to create a valid […]

Analyze This: What to look for in ECA (Early Case Assessment)

“Early Case Assessment” is a broad term used in e-discovery today.  Depending upon who you talk to, it could run the gamut of definitions.  It could be anything from a report on how many emails were collected, to summary report that greatly aids in understanding the actual narrative of a case.  Because price varies widely […]

Why Should I Trust Predictive Coding?

Predictive coding, or categorization, is software that categorizes documents based upon the human review of a smaller sample of the documents.  It is a science that has arisen out of the need of the legal profession to cull irrelevant evidence from voluminous collections and find those needles in the haystack.  Now that people walk around […]