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HAYSTACKID Project Manager Spotlight: Vinh Huynh – Pt. 1

HAYSTACKID’s success is entirely dependent upon our staff. Thanks to the strong work ethic, creativity, innovation, and teamwork of our employees, we continue to grow rapidly, all the while being the exceptional partner to our clients we strive to be. This week, we take a moment to recognize and spotlight one of our distinguished Project […]

Tackling the discovery dilemma of eCTD – Pt. 1

  HAYSTACKID Vice President of eDiscovery & Digital Forensics Discusses FDA Legislation’s Impact On Forensics, and a New Tool to Quell the Relevant Issues Virtually any industry even remotely related to the medical and health care fields have been under the constant and ever-changing pressures of regulatory compliance. When looking at these transformations through the […]

Baby Steps in Data Preservation for Legal Obligations- Big and Small Companies

Symptoms of data preservation obligations among corporate in-house counsel may include: dizzy spells, nausea, cold sweats, hot sweats, fever blisters, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, blurred vision, involuntary trembling, dead hands, numb lips, and fingernail sensitivity.  To make matters worse, according to what appears to be the first quantitative study looking at the true costs of […]

Twizzle Time; Top Threats Keeping General Counsel Up at Night

The elusive twizzle; I am sure that this synchronized figure skating ice dance move which can be performed both forward and backward, on both inside and outside edges, and both clockwise and counterclockwise has been keeping synchronized figure skaters up at night at this year’s Sochi Olympic Games. Keeping General Counsel up at night these […]

Newsroom Hype or Hyperbole? Cyber-security issues with Obamacare Website

Will McAvoy of HBO’s Newsroom acclaim summed it up like this in one episode; “(We) miscalled election results, hyped up terror scares, ginned up controversy, and failed to report on tectonic shifts in our country….We took a dive for the ratings.”  The latest buzz and controversy over the Obamacare website now raises the question whether […]

Corporate trend to boutique and highly specialized law firms; could same trend be true for forensic and eDiscovery service providers?

Harvard Business Review recently reported that corporate preferences might be shifting in the direction of highly specialized boutique-styled law firms. This would essentially be characterized by major enterprises saying “goodbye” to massive law firms that employ hundreds of thousands of attorneys in hundreds of nations and even on the moon. The news provider referred to […]

Chameleon-like agility prevailing in legal, corporate competition

The digital era of corporate and legal operations has certainly led to major shifts in the way communications flow from each arm of a business, as well as between counsels. Between the ever-growing and already massive volume of electronically stored information (ESI) and the dramatic transformation of the legal sector, companies need to be more […]

Netflix Protecting Data over Devices; BYOD and eDiscovery

Make no mistake about it I’m a huge fan of Netflix.  Can you say “Season Two of Homeland” woot woot!! With that, Netflix caught my attention the other day in a recent article by which reported that Netflix, the game-changing television and movie streaming service provider, has taken an outside-the-box angle on BYOD management. […]

Big data, automation doesn’t mean Margaritaville for all

It comes as no surprise that some of the more naturalistic humans are increasingly concerned about the future of their species, as new technology continues to replace the need for simple thought and responsibilities. But, wait, that’s not really true at all. Instead, it might be more of a selling point for manufacturers and software […]

ITC and eDiscovery: Are you prepared?

There is the Rocket Docket and then there is International Trade Commission (ITC) cases.  When it comes to discovery and  the ITC you better fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy night.  If you thought that regular eDiscovery proceedings are impossible to navigate? You haven’t really seen anything until you’ve experienced such litigation […]