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Chameleon-like agility prevailing in legal, corporate competition

The digital era of corporate and legal operations has certainly led to major shifts in the way communications flow from each arm of a business, as well as between counsels. Between the ever-growing and already massive volume of electronically stored information (ESI) and the dramatic transformation of the legal sector, companies need to be more […]

The Importance of Wrangling your Data

In today’s highly digital enterprise landscape, it has never been more important to keep a firm hold on all information that enters and exits the storage systems. While many companies have already started to understand the dangers of cyber threats, and as such have developed more comprehensive information security policies, some are failing to realize […]

Study reveals the real categories of eDiscovery costs

With Legal Tech New York right around the corner, proportionality for discovery or as some people like to call it the proportionality doctrine will be top of mind of many in attendance.  Sky-rocketed costs associated with eDiscovery expenses from service providers have garnered poor press with many firms avoiding third-party service providers at all costs. […]

Mo’ data, mo’ problems

The discussion around enterprise mobility, cloud computing and the burden of managing big data will be the key storylines for executives, analysts and the corporate IT vendor community in 2013. Those storylines were certainly the main themes coming out of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo a few weeks ago for the 9,000+ executive attendees in Orlando. Corporations […]

In-House Counsel Delivering Poor Marks on eDiscovery, and for good reason

The eDiscovery industry has been met by a variety of frustrations from nearly every sector since its inception, and many of the bad feelings toward the players in the sector are well founded. Many litigation solutions firms either unwittingly or purposefully cause extraordinarily high costs for their services, and this has led to bad blood […]

Is this an invoice, or Ridley Scott’s Christmas List?

Since the advent of eDiscovery technology, the industry has skipped the fledgling Plymouth Rock stages and rapidly propelled toward the Wild West.  Many organizations that have had to go through electronic discovery proceedings have experienced the massive costs associated, largely because of lack of experience with eDiscovery matters and the inability to properly leverage the […]