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Corporate trend to boutique and highly specialized law firms; could same trend be true for forensic and eDiscovery service providers?

Harvard Business Review recently reported that corporate preferences might be shifting in the direction of highly specialized boutique-styled law firms. This would essentially be characterized by major enterprises saying “goodbye” to massive law firms that employ hundreds of thousands of attorneys in hundreds of nations and even on the moon. The news provider referred to […]

Larger law firms running out of real estate

The economic recession led to an increased need for businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry to refine practices and create more sustainable operations. As a result, many enterprises are turning to managed services for more streamlined approaches to a variety of critical corporate functions, including data archiving, storage and management. Law firms […]

Study reveals the real categories of eDiscovery costs

With Legal Tech New York right around the corner, proportionality for discovery or as some people like to call it the proportionality doctrine will be top of mind of many in attendance.  Sky-rocketed costs associated with eDiscovery expenses from service providers have garnered poor press with many firms avoiding third-party service providers at all costs. […]

Is this an invoice, or Ridley Scott’s Christmas List?

Since the advent of eDiscovery technology, the industry has skipped the fledgling Plymouth Rock stages and rapidly propelled toward the Wild West.  Many organizations that have had to go through electronic discovery proceedings have experienced the massive costs associated, largely because of lack of experience with eDiscovery matters and the inability to properly leverage the […]