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The GDPR Will Crush All Unprepared Entities

by Michael D. Sarlo, EnCE, RCA, CBE, CCLO, CCPA I know, I know – that title might come across as hyperbole or sensationalism. However, there have been several relatively scary findings in recent studies that show the General Data Protection Regulation, which the European Union will implement May 25th, 2018, is a lingering juggernaut that […]

Mobile Phone Forensics: The 360-Degree Management Approach

by Michael D. Sarlo, EnCE, RCA, CBE, CCLO, CCPA There is no denying that mobile phone collections and forensics are becoming more common centerpieces of modern litigation. There is also no denying that many corporations, in-house legal departments, and law firms are simply not prepared for the eDiscovery implications of this trend. With eDiscovery costs […]

World Intellectual Property Day: 3 Steps Toward Better IP Protection

by Michael D. Sarlo, EnCE, RCA, CBE, CCLO, CCPA At the 2012 RSA Cybersecurity Conference, former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller famously said: “I am convinced that there are two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be. And even they are converging into one category: Companies that […]

How Tight Are Your IP Governance Frameworks?

by Michael D. Sarlo Intellectual property has been at the center of countless instances of theft and fraud in the past several years. The mass digitization of information combined with the increasing susceptibility to data breaches has made it more difficult than ever before to keep IP private. At the same time, in-house attorneys are […]

Q&A: HAYSTACKID Managing Director Larry Lieb Discusses the Art of Custodianship – Pt. 2

In the first part of this Q&A, HAYSTACKID Managing Director Larry Lieb discussed general concepts related to the Art of Custodianship, as well as how smartphones and other advanced technologies have transformed relevant procedures. Now, he explains what makes HAYSTACKID’s approach to custodial processes and collections different from others in the field, as well as […]

Q&A: HAYSTACKID Managing Director Larry Lieb Discusses the Art of Custodianship – Pt. 1

The evolution of technology and rapid transition away from paper-based records management to digital systems have had profound impacts on evidence custodianship. From individual employees acting as custodians of devices and custodial interviews conducted during collections, to the preservation of files and beyond, the game has changed immensely in the past 10 years. Larry Lieb, […]

App-alling Risk: Preparing for Complex Data Discovery

by John Mielitz The explosive growth of data volumes has forced enterprises to re-evaluate their preservation and governance models, but perhaps not as intensely as the expanding diversity of information sources. Not so long ago, personal computers were the biggest source of corporate data, and the number of applications generating, storing, sharing, and managing information […]

I, (Ain’t No) Robot: Automation’s Role in Lit Support

by Andy Parrish, HAYSTACKID Director of Client Services Automation is an increasingly powerful and pervasive force in the public and private sectors. Now, in a debate that has raged on for decades and spanned virtually every industry, the argument regarding whether automation and robotic technologies will replace human employees has made its way into litigation […]

Chain of Custody: An Interview with HAYSTACKID CTO Jeff Stevens – Pt. 3

This is the third and final segment of our interview with HAYSTACKID CTO Jefferey Stevens on modern chain of custody management. In the first part, we discussed some of the basics, while the second segment took a deep dive into third party responsibilities and the technologies used to handle the chain today. In today’s piece, […]

Tackling the discovery dilemma of eCTD – Pt. 2

HAYSTACKID Vice President of eDiscovery & Digital Forensics Discusses FDA Legislation’s Impact On Forensics, and New Tool to Quell Relevant Challenges In the first segment of this two-part series, HAYSTACKID Vice President of eDiscovery & Digital Forensics Michael D. Sarlo explained some of the fundamentals of the FDA’s latest regulatory overhauls regarding eCTD. In this […]