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The GDPR Will Crush All Unprepared Entities

by Michael D. Sarlo, EnCE, RCA, CBE, CCLO, CCPA I know, I know – that title might come across as hyperbole or sensationalism. However, there have been several relatively scary findings in recent studies that show the General Data Protection Regulation, which the European Union will implement May 25th, 2018, is a lingering juggernaut that […]

German Privacy Legislation: What American Firms Need To Know

by Michael D. Sarlo, EnCE, RCA, CBE, CCLO, CCPA International privacy laws have been an unwieldy beast for years now, and only continue to evolve at a faster pace as time goes on. One of the greatest examples of this perpetual shift can be found in Germany, where lawmakers are poised to make several relatively […]

ITAR and eDiscovery – Supporting International Corporations

eDiscovery service providers must take many steps to ensure the security of sensitive information for many contractual, ethical, and regulatory reasons. An often-overlooked body of law that can applicable to eDiscovery is the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or Code of Federal Regulations, Title 22, Part 122, which requires exporters of certain services, intellectual property, and […]