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New settlement analytics software released

As the eDiscovery industry continues to heat up, new software proliferation has also intensified in recent years, with some of the more advanced analytics tools just hitting the market now. As necessity is the mother of invention, and smaller software developers are becoming more capable of creating best-in-class products, companies have a wide variety of […]

Recognizing progressive providers of eDiscovery software

Since its relatively recent inception, the eDiscovery software market has become incredibly competitive in a short period of time. As more developers continue to release a broader range of options, many experts are concerned that congestion in the market will lead to more confusion among businesses seeking out the solutions. However, competition most often leads […]


Where ECA meets Relativity in eDiscovery

Though the legal world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, trending toward more digitally based litigation proceedings, the statutes that have been in place for decades related to early case assessment (ECA) and discovery still must be followed. This poses several challenges when conducting eDiscovery searches and retrievals, and service providers continue to refine […]